From an idea among friends at the bar to an event with more than

 4000 visitors and a line up with names such as : Milk Inc, Pat Krimson, Gunter D, Sven Ornelis, Dave Lambert & Sakso, Dj Wout, Sem Thomasson, ...

Concept & logo, branding, online ticket sale, promotion

and event event production

Tongpop was a 100% inhouse Custom production.

Thanks to a launch campaign that was 90% online Tongpop was a succes from the start with 3000 visitors on the first edition.

We took advantage of the rise of social media: Facebook and Instagram were Tongpop's best friends.


40% of ticket sales happened online.

We developped a simple but clear website where people could easily find

-online ticket sales


-photos & video of past editions

-social links





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